Contemporary Parables about the Miracle of Christmas


From a snowy Appalachian mountain village, to a crowded Washington, D.C., subway station, to the muddy trenches of World War I, each of these collected stories and illustrations provides a unique insight into the message of Christmas. Humorous anecdotes, scientific research and powerful historical accounts all find their place among these stand-alone chapters, each revealing from a different angle that the miracles of Christmas are almost always . . . unexpected. Each story in this thought-provoking little book is accompanied by gorgeous sepia-tone photos, making it well-suited for your coffee table as well as your bookshelf.


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Dan Lancaster lives in central Texas with his wife, Amanda, and their seven children. They are part of Homestead Heritage, an intentional Christian agrarian community that seeks to live out in the fullest way possible Jesus’ admonition to love your neighbor as yourself.