How Love Wins

Contemporary Parables of Hope, Triumph and Resurrection


The range of topics collected in this book is broad: a North Korean prison escape, a scientific study attempting to measure all the data on earth, a blind, mentally handicapped boy who suddenly becomes a musical savant and many more. But each engaging stand-alone chapter ultimately points to the same message: to show us from yet another angle “how love wins.” Sprinkled with amazing facts and humorous anecdotes, these stories and illustrations celebrate the redeeming love of Jesus and the continuing triumph of His resurrection power. Each story in this thought-provoking little book is accompanied by gorgeous sepia-tone photos, making it well suited for your coffee table as well as your bookshelf. 


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Dan Lancaster lives in central Texas with his wife, Amanda, and their seven children. They are part of Homestead Heritage, an intentional Christian agrarian community that seeks to live out in the fullest way possible Jesus’ admonition to love your neighbor as yourself.