“Many Devices”

Going to Your “Own Place” or Finding God’s Place?


In what appears to be a perpetual retelling of Homer’s Odyssey, an entire generation of individuals has charted their own course on a voyage of self-discovery where each will stop at nothing in their effort to make a name for themselves—an ongoing odyssey to prove that they are “somebody.” But an increasing number are arriving “home” to that place of self-awareness only to find that it is the loneliest place on earth.

While sounding a clear warning to those tempted to trust in “many devices,” this book also tells of another journey to an altogether different kind of place, a place created for us by God where we can become as little children and surrender our lives to love—a place we can truly call home.


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Blair Adams is a minister, author, artist, father and grandfather from central Texas. In 1973, Blair founded the Christian community now known as Homestead Heritage, a flourishing intentional agrarian community that has now spawned several more expressions across the U.S. and around the world. Drawing from his personal experience and decades of research, Blair has authored scores of books mostly directed towards the restoration of an authentic Christian culture. His works span a breadth of related topics, including education, history, religion, and family and community life. (Read more about Blair Adams)