“Is Grandpa Saved?”

Reconciling Two Models of Salvation—Justification, Regeneration or Both?
Pages: 251


“Who among us and our loved ones is saved?”

This is perhaps the weightiest of all questions facing believers today and one that has been troubling them for centuries. Attempting to answer this question immediately gives rise to further related questions: Does saving faith occur in a single moment in time? Does it consist merely of a mental assent to the fact that Christ existed, died and rose from the dead to save us from our sins? Is receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit necessary for salvation? How should believers approach their obligation to share the gospel with those they fear are not saved?

This message and congregational discussion begins with an examination of some of the scriptures most commonly quoted among Evangelicals today, contrasting and attempting to reconcile two conflicting models of salvation in an effort to answer these and other crucial questions.



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