Welcome to Brazos de Dios


Each spring our community at Brazos de Dios hosts thousands of public and private school children, offering many of them their first glimpse into an agrarian way of life. During their visit, we demonstrate craft skills such as weaving, woodworking, blacksmithing and pottery making. In addition, we show these school kids this seventeen-minute video of our everyday life as a community‚ÄĒharvesting tomatoes, picking sweet corn, digging up thousands of pounds of sweet potatoes, haying our fields and bringing in the sheaves of our fresh-cut wheat and oats. And, yes, the video also shows the fun we can have playing together as neighbors in close-knit community life. The video is narrated by a number of our community’s young people, but judging by the reaction of teachers and parents who have viewed this video with the school children, it’s a video for both young and old alike.


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