Two Ways of Knowing

Theocentric vs. Anthropocentric


Having been fashioned in the image of God and placed in the midst of paradise, humans were permitted to freely eat of every tree in the garden except for one—the tree associated with a certain way of knowing. The power behind this form of knowledge lay in the delusion that people could stand in the place of God through their own powers of analytical reasoning. But in reality, choosing this way of knowing severed people’s relationship with the very source of life, sending them spiraling into a material world marked by the fragmentation of death. 

Two Ways of Knowing illuminates the ways in which this same form of knowledge continues to shape the minds of those in today’s postmodern culture, whose collective efforts now stand as a contemporary Tower of Babel, a monument to the accomplishments of humanity that a growing number fear may soon collapse. Might refuge be found in an entirely different type of knowledge, a way of seeing, knowing, living and being that brings us back into relationship with the One “in whom all things consist”?


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Blair Adams is a minister, author, artist, father and grandfather from central Texas. In 1973, Blair founded the Christian community now known as Homestead Heritage, a flourishing intentional agrarian community that has now spawned several more expressions across the U.S. and around the world. Drawing from his personal experience and decades of research, Blair has authored scores of books mostly directed towards the restoration of an authentic Christian culture. His works span a breadth of related topics, including education, history, religion, and family and community life. (Read more about Blair Adams)