These Are the Days—Live at Heritage Fair


It was a crisp, starlit fall evening. There were dads, moms, children and grandparents; Canadians, Americans, Israelis and Mexicans; doctors, carpenters, lawyers and farmers. Over a thousand people hurried to finish the last bites of their homemade tamales, or quickly took one more slice of brick-oven pizza, grabbed a cup of fresh-squeezed hot apple cider and headed over to the big blue and white tent where hundreds more people were gathering. Inside, the buzz of excited conversation blended with the hum of the tuning orchestra. The temperature in the tent warmed to a comfortable level as everyone gathered in for an evening of music—glorifying and worshiping God. Every year at Thanksgiving, this Christian community invites all their friends and neighbors, near and far, to come celebrate the goodness of the Lord together with them and to share in the fruits of their year’s labor. People come from all 50 states and over 20 countries to see the crafts produced by this community and to participate in lifting up the One who makes it all possible. This recording captures some of the excitement and joy expressed by this community as they lift up the name of Jesus in both song and life.

  1. I Saw the Light
  2. Duelin’ Banjos
  3. The Fourth Man
  4. His Love Is Strong
  5. Old Ship of Zion
  6. Everything to Me
  7. The Light of That City
  8. O Happy Day
  9. Heaven on My Mind
  10. Be Thou My Vision
  11. I Am Not Ashamed
  12. Midnight Cry
  13. Days of Elijah
  14. Redeemer


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