Teach Me Your Way – Volume I


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Children’s Scripture Songs from Homestead Heritage

Scripture memorization plays a large part in impressing the Word of God on the minds of the young while they are able to easily memorize large passages. As many know from experience, memorization is greatly enhanced by putting words to music. The composers, musicians and children of Homestead Heritage have done just that. These nineteen songs recorded include eleven original compositions and a wide variety of styles. This album will be enjoyed by both young and old while giving us more to “hide in our hearts.”

  1. Whatever Is True
  2. Honor Your Father
  3. Teach Me Your Way
  4. Truthful Lips
  5. If We Walk in the Light
  6. Set a Guard
  7. Listen, My Sons
  8. The Steps of a Good Man
  9. Whoever Can Be Trusted
  10. Whatever Your Hand Finds to Do
  11. The One I Esteem
  12. Trust in the Lord
  13. Beloved, Let Us Love One Another
  14. Rest in the Lord
  15. Love Is Patient
  16. Whoso Offereth Praise
  17. In Everything Give Thanks
  18. Shouts of Joy
  19. In My Heart


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