Severing the Roots of Unsustainability

A Study of Polity, Economy and Society in Forming a Sustainable Culture
Pages: 134


This concise overview offers startling insight into three major elements of human culture—polity, economy and society. These are shown to profoundly affect each other, often to the point of destroying human society. This insight is thus presented with a unique perspective for evaluating historical and contemporary trends and events, one that shows in a new way how and why these three elements shape the deepest level of human relationships, even the very meaning of human life. So this study not only offers a deeper understanding of culture but also of how culture bears on the decisions people make in their practical, everyday lives, determining the outcome of those lives.


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Blair Adams is a minister, author, artist, father and grandfather from central Texas. In 1973, Blair founded the Christian community now known as Homestead Heritage, a flourishing intentional agrarian community that has now spawned several more expressions across the U.S. and around the world. Drawing from his personal experience and decades of research, Blair has authored scores of books mostly directed towards the restoration of an authentic Christian culture. His works span a breadth of related topics, including education, history, religion, and family and community life. (Read more about Blair Adams)