Coming into Orbit

Discovering Our Place within God's Living Order


Astrophysicists report that the cosmos is so meticulously fine-tuned that any number of infinitesimal adjustments to the perfectly balanced orbits that bring order to the universe would send our entire solar system collapsing into chaos. All forms of life depend on this precisely calibrated order. Even social institutions such as families and communities face the same potential for destruction should they fail to situate themselves within their proper orbit.

This meeting message, delivered within the context of an intentional Christian community in Central Texas, goes far beyond a study of quantum mechanics—it opens the reader’s eyes to the necessity of both discovering and remaining within their appropriate orbit in God’s living order.


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Blair Adams is a minister, author, artist, father and grandfather from central Texas. In 1973, Blair founded the Christian community now known as Homestead Heritage, a flourishing intentional agrarian community that has now spawned several more expressions across the U.S. and around the world. Drawing from his personal experience and decades of research, Blair has authored scores of books mostly directed towards the restoration of an authentic Christian culture. His works span a breadth of related topics, including education, history, religion, and family and community life. (Read more about Blair Adams)