“Imagine if our world had no color….” So begin the lyrics to this delightful journey through God’s colorful creation, vividly illustrated in watercolor by Josh Stewart and Daniel Anz. The included CD, featuring song author and singer Regina Tittley and the Homestead Children’s Choir, will have kids of all ages singing together, “Jesus, He colors our world with love!”


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Regina Tittley is a home-schooling mother of seven and a worship leader at her church. She has written many songs for children, ranging from educational songs for memorizing math and science facts to scripture and worship songs. On the inspiration for this song, Regina explained, “Looking out my window one ordinary day, I was struck again by how astonishingly colorful our world is. No painter’s palette, however imaginative the artist, could have conceived of this array of colors splashed across God’s creation. This song was written in gratitude for this gift; merely one among countless others that we so often pass by without noticing or appreciating.” Regina lives with her husband, five sons and two daughters in central Texas.