Changing Our Minds

How Digital Technology Affects Our Children and Disconnects Us from Reality and from Each Other
Pages: 206


From the moment of birth, children in this society grow up in a home, social and educational environment permeated by digital technology. Ninety-five percent of teens are online, and an increasing number of infants under one year old now regularly use tablets and other mobile devices. What will this new technology-laden environment mean for our culture?

Citing a wide variety of neurological, sociological and psychological research studies, this book considers the effects of this unprecedented change on the lives of the young, as well as detailing how these technologies are changing the way we think and radically altering our relationship with nature, with reality and with each other.



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Kay Toombs is associate professor emerita of philosophy at Baylor University in Texas. In her work she explores the ways in which contemporary values and the context in which we live our lives impact our efforts to develop a sustainable culture and to form caring communities. In her work related to illness, disability and healthcare, she combines her training in philosophy with her experience of living with neurological disease (multiple sclerosis) to reflect on the experience of illness and disability, the care of the chronically and terminally ill, the relationship between health care professionals and patients, and the meaning of suffering and healing, both in the context of Western culture and within the context of intentional Christian community.