A Sunbeam on Your Head

The True Story of an Autistic Child's Journey


“If there were any words behind your big brown eyes, they were locked up inside.” 

A Sunbeam on Your Head is the true story of an autistic child raised in the context of the Homestead Heritage community, a unique context where the wholeness of the culture provides healing for his needs. 

Meet Christopher as he watches the world go by from underneath the family fig tree. Little by little he emerges from his small, confused world into one where he has a part. He learns to speak, to eat, to work and eventually to see the “sunbeams” that give meaning to each life.


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Amanda Lancaster grew up in the community of Homestead Heritage where she lives today with her husband and seven children. She has written various stories and articles especially about community life at Homestead Heritage. She teaches workshops and seminars on writing and serves as an advisor to homeschooling moms in the community as well as schooling her own children.