Learn to Homestead Conference

Welcome! Homestead Heritage is hosting a homesteading forum to help small farmers take the next steps toward realizing their dreams.  Seminars span a broad spectrum of essential topics from soil fecundity, grass farming, animal husbandry, CSA economics, monetizing your ag dream, and the like.

For five days, hear and learn from the most passionate voices in the regenerative agricultural movement. The conference will be held at the Homestead Heritage community—a horse farming cooperative that’s pioneered regenerative agriculture for 40 years. Tour flourishing organic orchards, bio-diverse horse-farmed crops, flocks, and herds currently providing eggs and meats to area markets and restaurants.

Learn the hang-ups, headwinds, headaches, and abundant rewards of the journey.

With available onsite lodging and fabulous meals served twice daily, you’ll have time to mingle and converse with like-minded enthusiasts amidst an immersive, supportive, inspiring experience.