Self Guided Walking Tours

Traditional Crafts Village

Take a self guided walking tour of our traditional craft workshops and our working homestead.
The Barn—Restored after 200 years, now showcasing the work of our craftsmen
The Potter’s House—Distinctive stoneware and porcelain pottery
Heritage Furniture—Solid wood furniture made with traditional hand joinery
Homestead Gristmill—Restored 1760 gristmill where we grind fresh whole wheat flour, cornmeal and other grains
Herb Garden—Herbs, companion plants and everlasting flowers
Heritage Farm—A working homestead
Ploughshare—Institute for Sustainable Culture workshop facilities
Heritage Forge—Hand-forged wrought iron pieces
Cafe Homestead—Sandwiches, all natural barbecue, desserts and real homemade ice cream made
with organic milk, cream and eggs

Guided Tours & Hay Rides
We offer guided tours of our Traditional Crafts Village and working homestead.

Please call 254-754-9600 to schedule an appointment.

Places of Interest

Homestead Heritage Furniture – A visit to our furniture woodworking workshop
provides you with the unique opportunity to watch woodworking
as it has been done for centuries, with traditional hand joinery.
Whether building a hand-carved longleaf pine headboard, a solid
mesquite armchair or a custom-designed black cherry end table, our
craftsmen and their apprentices give every piece of furniture the
same careful consideration.

Heritage Forge – Even before you enter the
double doors of our blacksmith shop, you can hear the distinctive
sound of a hammer and anvil. Watch our blacksmiths use traditional
18th century methods to hammer raw steel into a wide variety of
useful and decorative ironwork, including fireplace tool sets, andirons,
floor and table lamps, dinner bells, hooks and brackets, pot racks,
custom-designed railings and lighting fixtures, beds, end tables
and dining tables.

Potter’s House – You’ll enjoy watching
our potters as they shape vessels of clay on the potter’s wheel
in this attractive workshop. At the Potter’s House you’ll
find a wide variety of styles, clays and glazes fired in our custom-built
kiln. Our distinctive line of pottery includes functional household
pieces as well as a wide selection of attractive giftware.

Homestead Gristmill – In 2001, the craftsmen of Homestead
Heritage carefully documented and dismantled the Teeter mill built
around 1768 at Mill Creek in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and restored
it in its new location in central Texas. Given a new life as Homestead
Gristmill, the mill is open to the public year round, grinding fresh
whole wheat flour, corn meal, and other grains much as it did over
230 years ago.

Heritage Farm – The purpose of this homestead is to
demonstrate the possibility of deriving a family’s food needs
from a small farm and to serve as a teaching and research facility
to teach homesteading and related essential skills. This working
homestead consists of animal pens and corrals, pastures, a garden
with 40 raised beds and a larger area that we farm with horses,
a vineyard and berry patch, an orchard, a log cabin, originally
built in the 1840’s in Missouri and an English barn that was
originally built in 1760 in New Jersey. Heritage Farm provides a
context for hands-on, interactive learning on an actual working